Thursday, 14 March 2013

Usable solution to low light video flicker/strobing for NX1000 (sort of)

Well, have at least found a work-around, which I'll detail in case anybody should ever find they have the same problem and a search turns this up.

Below a certain light threshold on this camera, there seems to be some odd relationship between iso and shutter speed.

While I would normally try and stick to 180 degree shutter, so 1/60th for 30 fps, when the light of scene drops really low, to prevent the flicker, if I use 400 iso and set shutter to 1/125 it seems to stop the storing. For 800 iso it seems to be 1/125 and iso 1600 1/250 and iso 3200 i think was 1/400.

For some reason, as I move down from 1/60th, the scene darkens as I would expect, but when I hit these "optimal" shutter speeds, it brightens again a bit...

It's not ideal, but it seems to cure the problem of strobing, which would render any footage more useless than it simply being dark.

It's not that I am likely to be in such low light situations often where I will need to do this, but there will be some night-time creatures I will want to video on holidays.

There does not seem to be a problem with "medium" and good light situations.

I believe the NX300 is out next Friday, and I am definitely buying, but I do hope it does not exhibit the same issue.

At least I know how to work around it if it does...