Thursday, 7 March 2013

Caved in

Well, I have been wanting a pancake lens since getting this camera, and last night I finally caved in and bought the 30mm f2.0 on Ebay for £100.

I kept going between getting this lens or the 45mm f1.8, but that lens was going to cost me over £250 and, quite frankly, I have spent more than enough on camera stuff recently.

Still, got a decent arsenal now with the 20-50mm kit lens (quite good actually), the 18-200mm video zoom (not the best optically, but versatile and with awesome stabilisation), the 60mm macro (which I love), and now the 30mm pancake (which will be awesome for compactness and lower light).

Weather going to be awful here for some time, so lots more indoor stuff. Hopefully I can learn how to light a subject decently...