Thursday, 21 February 2013

Chickening out?

Well, given that the weather is likely going to be bloody awful, and that I have had enough of the cold, I have opted to get a small home photo studio kit, where I will play around with the lenses indoors.

This means likely more Macro than anything. I will just have to leave my zoom til a nicer, warmer day!

Unless I have a short walk to the river here in Twickenham...
Day off tomorrow, and was planning to do something where I took only the 18-200mm zoom, but it is cold and dreary again. Gotta love the UK weather.

If it's going to be crap weather, it could at least snow!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Release it already!

Please Samsung, release the NX300 early in March!

I am dying to have the extra features and really want to get used to the camera before my Costa Rica holiday in April!

NX1000 + 18-200mm zoom

SAM_2048 by chris_rabe
SAM_2048, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

Another of the very few shots taken at weekend with zoom. Really could have done a lot better...

NX1000 + 12-200mm

SAM_2033 by chris_rabe
SAM_2033, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

I forget the name of these. One of the few shots I took with the zoom at the weekend. This is the lens I will need the most practice with I think

Monday, 18 February 2013

Just a reminder on some of Samsung's promotions...


And don't forget to take advantage of Samsung's awesome promotions currently on offer.

First the free Tab 2 7 inch tablet. This was brilliant in my case as I was considering getting one for the other half anyway!

Info on free Samsung 7 inch tablet

PLUS - Up to £200 cash back on NX lenses!

I had bought the 18-200mm zoom not even realising the promotion was on, and after writing a review was lucky enough to notice the promotion. As I was already prepared to pay what I did, I decided to consider the cash back on it towards another lens -  in this case the 60mm macro, which itself has it's £100 cash back, making it an awesome purchase!

Also considering just one pancake with £50 cashback.

Would have loved the 85mm lens, but even with it's £200 cashback, I have just spent too much on camera already :(

More info on Samsung NX lens cashback.

Edit: Wow, just realised how much I sounded like an advert for Samsung. Not the case, it's just been a good deal for me so shared - with nobody in particular I guess as not sure anyone will ever see this.

Work sucks...

Ho hum, what to do when stuck at work, and you'd much rather be out taking photos and learning how to use your equipment?

Guess I can keep looking at the 20mm panckae in my Amazon basket, wondering whether to buy or not.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

nx1000 + 20-50mm kit lens

SAM_1971 by chris_rabe
SAM_1971, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

Decent detail from the lens.

nx1000 + 20-50mm kit lens

SAM_1981 by chris_rabe
SAM_1981, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

I really like patterns and shapes in nature

20-50mm kit lens

SAM_2066 by chris_rabe
SAM_2066, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

You know, I wasn't trying very hard with this lens, but still it did pretty well

NX18-200mm video zoom

SAM_2032 by chris_rabe
SAM_2032, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

Well, this lens I need far more practice with...

I know I really shouldn't buy any more lenses, but just one pancake would be so awesome...

It's hard to resist the 20mm, with the current £50 cash back, it's only going to be £80!


SAM_2138 by chris_rabe
SAM_2138, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

And again, another shot form the NX 60mm Macro lens + NX1000. Loving this camera and lens so far, but really missing a pivot screen!

Fly (Hover?)

SAM_2170 by chris_rabe
SAM_2170, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

Well, the first signs of life with the winter coming to a close. Of course a great opportunity to play with the 60mm macro lens


SAM_1880 by chris_rabe
SAM_1880, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.


SAM_1763 by chris_rabe
SAM_1763, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.


SAM_1623 by chris_rabe
SAM_1623, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.


SAM_1883 by chris_rabe
SAM_1883, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.


SAM_1633 by chris_rabe
SAM_1633, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

Nice day out at Kew Gardens yesterday.

First time out with my new NX1000.

I would have liked a sunny day, but at least it wasn't freezing!

This first set was taken with the 60mm lens.

Full set here

Some samples to follow