Sunday, 9 June 2013

So long, farewell...

Well, have been trying out a Sony a65... and all I can say is, so long Samsung.

Too many issues. I hope one day you get your quality control sorted.

For now though, am just absolutely stuck for choice for lenses on the a65 - 150mm macro's! 500mm zooms!

But' I'll give you this much - your primes rock (with exception of maybe 600, but even that I liked), and the 12-24mm was amazing in my brief stint with it!

Your lenses have unfortunately made me VERY picky with what I get - already decided not to keep the 50mm Sony prime!

Only question now is, what to do with this blog?

Perhaps I will leave it here, as  i guess some may get some benefit from the examples.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Come on Samsung... 3rd NX300 sent back...

Well, as posted before, one camera with a dodgy screen/sensor, one camera with a dodgy touch screen, and now...

The third kit I went for was with the 45mm 2D/3D lens, and while the camera itself seemed fine, I noticed upon receiving it that there was a small bubble or chip on the inside lens element. I chose to ignore it, but after owning the kit for a mere few weeks, noticed a fair amount of dust specks had built up in the lens.

I expect that over time maybe, but not after a few weeks of mild use. I know dust specks are generally thought to not show in photos, but went looking, and the larger dust specks showed, but the worst offender was the original bubble or chip.

I was able to dislodge the specks of dust for the larger part, but in total, there were 3 blemishes/specks, including the first one I noticed, that would simply not move, and all could be visible in shots in certain conditions.

So back my third kit has gone, as I couldn't send the lens back on it's own.

I returned the 12-24mm at the same time, as I am now in doubt as to whether I can stick with this system. Again.

I know and accept there are bugs with cameras and all electronics, but this kind of reeks of poor quality control.

It's like fate is telling me to pick another system, and I am looking, but the looking has confirmed what I already knew - that despite lacking lengthy zooms, and not enough of the lenses supporting OIS, it's still the best all-round system for me.

Looking at DSLR's... I don't know, but mirrors seem so last century now.

And other mirror-less systems? EOS M  is a dud thus far, Sony's lens line-up doesn't appeal, and I wanted to move beyond the small m43 sensor.

So, try YET ANOTHER NX camera, or figure out what to compromise on elsewhere?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

NX300 + 12-24mm

Out testing 12-24mm - from RAW, no adjustmentsOut testing 12-24mmOut testing 12-24mmOut testing 12-24mmOut testing 12-24mmOut testing 12-24mm
Out testing 12-24mm - SOOCOut testing 12-24mmOut testing 12-24mmOut testing 12-24mm

NX300 + 12-24mm, a set on Flickr.

Made myself get out yesterday evening, as hadn't taken a photo in a couple of weeks. I wanted to scout around for nice places to photograph, but had to test out the Samsung NX 12-24mm. Wide angle lens more difficult to sue than I thought.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

NX300 Firmware 1.1 V2?

There was a new version of the 1.1 firmware uploaded today.

Apparently, it is required before upgrading to Firmware V1.2, which is due by the end of May.

Let's hope Samsung have sorted some of those niggles!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Samsung nx kit

Samsung nx kit by chris_rabe
Samsung nx kit, a photo by chris_rabe on Flickr.

Time for custom NX300 firmware?

Well, quite surprisingly, Samsung have released the NX300 source code!

Not sure I got the know-how to muck about with it, but I will certainly have a gander once, the 6GB file downloads - their server really blimmin slow!

Anyway, the link - click on didgital cameras, under the photography drop-down

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Thought I'd try some legacy Minolta glass

Always wondered what the fascination is with old lenses, so bid on a Rokkor f1.2 50mm lens and adapter last night.

Not sure what I will get out of this experiment, as it's so close in focal length to the 45mm. Though the shallower DOF will be nice, and hopefully with the ability to focus closer than the 45mm.

Will post pics when I get it.

Edit: Seller listed wrong specs for lens,so won't be getting legacy glass after all. Yet anyway.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Had a day out with the NX300 and 45mm lens...

Really not sure the lens is for me.

Don't get me wrong, pictures taken with the lens can be brilliant. It's such a detailed lens, and fits the 20 megapixel sensor perfectly, but already having the 30mm and 60mm, I can't figure where this one stand in my kit.

Typically found myself wanting something either wider, or where I could get closer to the subject. I guess maybe my style doesn't fit with this lens, which I am guess is more of a portrait type lens.

Will post some samples later.

Current train of thought though, is perhaps to sell this lens on, as not sure I will use the 3D, and put the cash towards to the 12-24mm.

Or perhaps I just need more time with it.

Sunday, 5 May 2013