Friday, 15 March 2013

NX Lens cash back - watch out and be warned

I read over their documentation, and it sounded to me like one cash back reward per person/household per invoice.


It is one cash back reward per household/person period!

And make sure that your billing and invoice details are the same, or they will try to mess you around on that too!

I have now sent in two promotion forms, and it is currently looking unlikely that I will receive cash back on either!

I am now considering returning all Samsung camera products purchased, as I am now pissed off, and not sure I can be bothered putting up with the video problem when they are trying to screw me over like this.

Seriously, one unhappy customer right now.

After contacting Samsung and being a bit forceful, They have said they will honour the claim.

I will not say to what extent, but I will say that at least they have made the effort, and I will stick with the NX cameras - already had all the returns set up on Amazon, so was a close call.