Monday, 11 March 2013

Hmmm, not happy

Had noticed on some previous occasions when testing video on the NX1000, that in low light in manual mode, that there could be a flicker as though the camera was trying to force exposure compensation in some way.

Getting a replacement sent out, but I really hope this restricted to my current camera, and not a general fault, cause it would ruin all videos taken, and I am not losing all my footage from my upcoming trip to Costa Rica!

Tried a number of things last night, but was always able to replicate this. This morning I tried in a well lit room, pointed at a dark item, and could see the same behaviour.

This is with auto/manual focus, forced aperture, forced iso, forced shutter, with and without adjusted image3 settings, high quality, low quality, different SD cards, different lenses... Tried reset to default, am on latest firmware (Which I will avoid with the new camera for testing).

I have to try to remember to use NTSC setting and see how that goes. I think I tried it, but am not 100% sure.

Oddly, this behaviour is not present, or at least not as obvious in the smart/auto modes...

I MUST remember to upload a sample of this behaviour!

Edit 2:
Replacement here tomorrow (Gotta love Amazon). Here's hoping this is a fault with my current camera only.