Friday, 5 April 2013

OK, Samsung, your NX300 starting to annoy me...

Ok, it's bad enough you have messed up video a bit, but did your quality testing standards must be shoddy.

First one bad camera where the sensor goes wonky and displays garbage on screen, and the replacement has a very unresponsive screen in comparison to the first, sometimes having to tap several times to get a response.

And now I discover that OIS will not engage on the 60mm macro, making it far less useful on my upcoming holiday.

Honestly, I am beginning to wish I had simply got a 2nd NX1000 as a backup, and not waited for this camera.

I though I'd start this blog singing you NX system's praises, but you are giving me a ton of reasons not to.

Seriously, give someone like me a job testing so that we can find all these stupid little things that should not have gotten through to retail sector!


Have now taken the second camera with me on holiday, and for the most part it didn't let me down, and was usually fast reliable enough to get some nice shots.

Since firmware 1.1, OIS seems to be less of a problem, and responsiveness of camera in general seems much improved.

I think I was mostly frustrated as I was worried this camera wasn't going to perform well on my holidays.