Monday, 18 February 2013

Just a reminder on some of Samsung's promotions...


And don't forget to take advantage of Samsung's awesome promotions currently on offer.

First the free Tab 2 7 inch tablet. This was brilliant in my case as I was considering getting one for the other half anyway!

Info on free Samsung 7 inch tablet

PLUS - Up to £200 cash back on NX lenses!

I had bought the 18-200mm zoom not even realising the promotion was on, and after writing a review was lucky enough to notice the promotion. As I was already prepared to pay what I did, I decided to consider the cash back on it towards another lens -  in this case the 60mm macro, which itself has it's £100 cash back, making it an awesome purchase!

Also considering just one pancake with £50 cashback.

Would have loved the 85mm lens, but even with it's £200 cashback, I have just spent too much on camera already :(

More info on Samsung NX lens cashback.

Edit: Wow, just realised how much I sounded like an advert for Samsung. Not the case, it's just been a good deal for me so shared - with nobody in particular I guess as not sure anyone will ever see this.